Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let's Start Hoaxing the LameStream Media

The LameStream Media has been screaming for the past several days about a so-called eeeeeeevil "banker" who, at a restaurant, left a 1% tip along with a note that said "get a real job".

Naturally, the LSM, the Huffington Post, AOL, and the blogosphere jumped on it immediately and has been screaming about it non-stop.

Too bad it's a hoax.

It's a photoshopped receipt, along with a phony blog (which has been taken down).  Some moron modified an actual receipt for $33 (with a 20% tip), made up a story, created a phony blog, and then released it to the public in order to create hatred for the so-called "1%". Only CBS Channel 2 in Los Angeles took the time to investigate it. When they did, they found out that it was all a hoax. A fraud.  A scam.

The LameStream Media is *so* easily fooled.  They don't bother to check into anything that fits their narrative.  They hear it, it fits their meme, so they run with it.

If the Professional Loser Party (the GOP) wanted to start winning elections (and public support), they'd start a campaign of hoaxing the LSM on a regular basis until (a) everyone, even the libs, didn't trust them anymore and (b) the LSM was so wary that they wouldn't jump on every story but instead would hold off and investigate things thoroughly....like real reporters should.

But considering that the GOP is filled with nothing but professional "I'll hold-onto-my-cushy-job-no-matter-how-often-I-have-to-roll-over" chair-warmers like Crybaby Boehner, Mitch "old guy" McConnell, and Mitt Dukakis, you know that won't happen anytime soon.

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