Thursday, May 5, 2011

The LameStream Media is Suckered Again

Here's what amazes me about the whole "Obama won't release the photos of Bin Laden" flap.

Ever since it was announced that Bin Laden had been (allegedly) killed, all the news channels have been running all kinds of special shows about OBL; what happened on 9/11, what's going to happen now that OBL is dead, etc.  Every network is running some kind of special report.

Based on what?

There is no physical evidence whatsoever that OBL is dead. 

No photos, no video, no nothing of proof that they got OBL.  Oh, there's videos of the house. And there are photos of blood stains, but no photos of OBL.  No physical proof of his death.  And yet the LameStream Media is running all kinds of stories that he IS dead.  That's what journalism is today?

Why should we EVER believe anything the LameStream Media says?  They obviously create stories based on nothing more than something Obama says. In other words, they write stories based on hearsay.

Osama bin Laden isn't dead.  TRUTH in the media is dead.  Remember that anytime you hear the media singing the praises of a democrat, or telling you (during the 2012 campaigns) that Obama is really popular and is pulling ahead. It's nothing more than a story written from something a democrat said sometime.

It's all a hoax.  Just like Obama's presidency.

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