Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama Pays Phony Respects at Ground Zero

Barack Obama paid phony respects to the 3,000 innocents murdered on 9/11.  He's been to New York many times on fundraising trips and vacations, but this is the first time he's visited Ground Zero.  Why?  Photo op.  Trying to show that he cares.  He doesn't.

This is the same Barack Hussein Obama who said, in 2010, that the US could "absorb another attack".  Really? So he's sad about the victims of 9/11, but then he says that the US could take another terrorist attack.

Barack Hussein doesn't care about the victims of 9/11. He was just reading off the teleprompter again. Shortly after, I'm sure he left NYC and played golf all afternoon to get over the pain of having to associate with the rabble all morning.

Obama is a phony.  The sooner we throw him out of office the better.

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