Thursday, March 1, 2012

Obama's Birth Certificate May Be Fraudulent

You've just GOT to love Sheriff Joe!

Today Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona held a press conference to announce the result of his investigation into the authenticity of Barack Obama's birth certificate.  In it he was very specific: "We believe probable cause exists indicating that forgery and fraud may have been committed." Arpaio said.

And then members of his posse provided all kinds of evidence to prove it.
They laid out clear evidence (that had been tested, checked, and double-checked) to show that the so-called "birth certificate" that was posted on is fraudulent.

Here's the local radio station's page about it:
This has videos from the press conference, too.

Here's the ABC News story about it. 

Shutting up the Leftists:
What was particularly entertaining was how Sheriff Joe answered the leftist media's attempts to attack Joe and the evidence.  Example:
Leftist (in accusatory tone): "You're accusing the President of fraud!!".
Sheriff Joe: "I'm not accusing anyone of anything.  I'm saying that the document on the website is a forgery".
Leftist: "But you're inferring that...."
Sheriff Joe: "I'm not inferring anything.  This press conference is about the document!  Weren't you listening to the presentation?"

A Massive Fraud Perpetrated on America:
Then Sheriff Joe made a damn good point that shut up the leftists: This has major national implications; if this document is indeed a forgery (and all evidence points to that fact), then a massive fraud has been perpetrated on all of America. This isn't about Sheriff Joe or Maricopa County. This is about all Americans being the victims of a huge fraud, and that's a very serious crime.

Sheriff Joe is going to move forward with the investigation.  He says he already has the name of a "person of interest" upon whose computer the so-called "birth certificate" resided before it was uploaded onto the website.  His next step is to find that person and find out why the birth certificate was *created*, not scanned.  AND, who told him/her to create it.

This is going to be good!  I look forward to seeing Sheriff Joe go after them.  Because Joe is like a bulldog; once he gets his teeth into you, he doesn't let go.


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