Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why Californians are Getting Screwed

The Sacramento Bee (a newspaper) just announced a new report by the CA Secretary of State: Fewer than one in three California voters registered as Republican.
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"Since just before the last California presidential primary, the proportion of voters registered as Republicans has fallen from 33.5 percent to 30.4 percent, according to new figures from the California Secretary of State." says the article.

Well, that certainly explains a lot!  It explains why CA is wallowing in $50 Billion in debt, is overrun with illegals, has double-digit unemployment, and is now begging for more money from the taxpayers.  When democrats run the show, states go to hell in a handbasket.  Conservative states produce budget surpluses and provide opportunities for success for all of their their citizens. 

What's funniest is that the democrats in the comments are accusing the Republicans of being "stupid" and blaming them for the CA economy.  Sorry!  CA has been under democrat rule for more than 40 years.  Liberals slam the democrats, but it's them who are causing the problems.  We need only look at the Occupy Oakland rioters to see that.  Add in that, for example, Los Angeles County paid $1.5 Billion to take care of illegals and you start to see the problem...and it isn't Republicans.

And now, to help their ailing economy, the Dems have a new strategy: they'll build the $100 Billion high-speed rail system between to small Central Valley cities so that nobody uses it, and Jerry Brown will force the oil companies to build hydrogen fuel filling stations all over the state even though there are no cars that run on hydrogen.

Idiotic behavior.  But not surprising. After all...what do you expect from Democrats - a group of people with the intellectual capability of a four-year-old.

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