Friday, September 9, 2011

Same Spit, Different Day

Obama gave yet another "jobs" speech last night, and it was just like I predicted in my post about not believing the boob anymore : "Blah....blah...blah...crumbling roads and bridges.'s paid for."  Etc., etc.  In other words, same sh!t, different day.  Obama proposed nothing new.

Here's a concept that's too difficult for liberals to comprehend:

All of Obama's previous plans have failed.  Therefore, this new plan will fail as well, and unemployment will increase.

Based on his past performance, it's obvious to anyone who can think (and isn't hung up on his skin color) that this isn't going to work.   From the stimulus to his multiple "jobs" plans and panels and summits, everything he's done has caused higher unemployment and a declining economy.  And now he's suggesting nothing new.  The most this will do is DRIVE UNEMPLOYMENT HIGHER.   That's based on FACTS and PAST RESULTS, not the kittens-and-rainbows, he's-a-black-man-and-you're-a-bigot fantasy that libs have.

MSNBC did an exceptionally good job of fact-checking Obama's speech, and found several outright lies.  Here are a couple:

Obama: "Everything in this bill will be paid for. "
Fact: Obama's sending this proposal to the "spending reduction" panel that he set up to figure out ways to pay for his $1.4 Trillion deficit.  This billl will only be paid for if that committee (that he can't control) does his bidding, and if Congress puts that into law and if leaders in the future don't roll it back. In other words, Obama wants to add another $500 Billion to the deficit and hopes that someone will pay for it in the future.

Obama: "The American Jobs Act answers the urgent need to create jobs right away."
Fact:  Even if Congress passed the bill, it wouldn't get implemented until next year. That's at least four months away.  But Obama also wants a federal infrastructure bank.  Setting that up would take at least two years.  That's not "right away".  That's "in the future".

All Obama did last night was a repeat of speeches he's done in the past.  Congress should just throw out the bill that Obama's going to present to them.  America has enough problems as it is.  We don't need to be debating another ineffective plan from an ineffective president. Let's fix the problems we currently have, not add to them with half-baked plans and pie-in-the-sky dreams.

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