Friday, May 3, 2013

Marco Rubio Reveals Himself as a Democrat

 See?  I *told* you Marco Rubio is a phony!  Rubio is nothing more than a Democrat who's pretending to be a Republican.

Here's how I know: There's an article today about Rubio's so-called "immigration reform" bill that's stalled in Congress because it's basically blanket amnesty for the illegals.  Rubio is now telling the Republicans "pass this bill because if you don't, Obama will do something worse" That's how Democrats talk.

Rubio is attempting to scare the conservatives into passing his bill.  He has no good argument in support of his bill, so he's trying to scare the Republicans into passing it by saying "it won't be as bad as what Obama might do".

If Rubio were a REAL conservative, he'd hold a press conference and openly laugh at Obama.  He'd point out that Obama is spending $2.5 Million of taxpayer money on a trip to Mexico to tell the Mexican president that if the Mexican economy is improved then illegal immigration will slack off.  Then demand that he NOT spend $2.5 Million on what is, for all intents and purposes, a vacation in Mexico.

But he won't. Why?  Because Rubio's in on the scamming of America. He's a Democrat.  His big "immigration reform" bill is nothing but a pork-laden spending bill that sends millions of dollars to his home district in Florida. The only reason he's trying to scare the Republicans into voting for it is because he's afraid that, if Obama does something, no money will be sent to his home district so that he can pay off his campaign donors.

That's why Rubio needs to be laughed out of the presidential race early.  He's nothing but a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, and every day he's taken seriously is another day more illegals invade America.

Update: Rubio's plan will cost *you* $5,575.00 per year.

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