Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Bombing - NOT the "new normal"

Boston Bombing News
Cuomo trying to grasp reality
Just like I took the politicians less than a week to call terrorist bombings in the USA the "new normal".

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the terrorist bombing in Boston was the “new normal.”  In other words, we'd better get used to more terrorist bombings in the USA because that's just how it is.

Specifically, he said:
"It’s a terrible situation in Boston. And, unfortunately... one gets the sense that this is more reflective of the "new normal".  Where these random acts of violence, which at one time were implausible, now seem all-too-frequent." (Here's the article)

Who the f*ck are these jerkoffs, anyway, to tell us what's "normal"?  It's not "normal", and we're damn sure NOT going to let it become "normal".  Liberal c*ck-suckers like this really piss me off.  They don't have the guts or the ability to do anything about the situation, so they tell The People that we have to "get used to it".  Well, let me remind Mr. "new normal" of something that's slipped his feeble liberal mind:

  • Terrorist attacks in the USA during the Bush administration (after 9/11): ZERO
  • Terrorist attacks in the USA during the Obama administration (so far): SIX
Barack Hussein and his pussy-ass cronies invite terrorist attacks; shootings, bombings, etc.  So if anything is causing the "new normal", it's Barack Hussein Obama, Hitlery Clinton, John Kerry, and all the other sissies who insist that "dialogue" and pretending it doesn't exist will fix the terrorism problem.

If we want to stop this "new normal", then we need to throw knob-suckers like Cuomo out of office, seal the border, thoroughly investigate all Muslims, arm everyone who isn't a Muslim/mentally ill/a liberal/or in a gang, and give them permission to shoot to kill.

That'll end this "new normal" in a big hurry.

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