Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ending the Gun Control Debate

The politicians are taking up the debate about gun control, better known as just "control".  VP Joke Biden asked this question: "What are we doing to impact on a gun owners' right if he only has a clip with ten rounds in it instead of 30 rounds in it?""

Hey Joke, we need 30 round clips for protection from things like:

1. A gang of 200 "teens" who rampaged through downtown Philadelphia yesterday.

2. A mob of 500 "teens" who rioted on Chicago's Magnificent Mile assaulting cops, robbing people, and beating pedestrians:

 3. A mob of 3,000 "young people" rioting at Ford City Mall:

We can't protect ourselves by (Biden's words) "shooting through the door" when there's a mob of 3,000 scumbags headed our way.  A 30-round clip will put a lot of those animals down for good, and the others will be a lot more likely to steer clear of us when we do.

If Joke Biden was serious about what he says, then he'll take the guns away from all the Secret Service people who are protecting him.  If he won't do that, then he can STFU.

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