Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Obamacare Application: 60 Pages and Counting

There's an article in Forbes magazine: The application for Obamacare is 60 pages long and requires answers to 1,000 questions:

So you have to fill in 60 pages to pay triple the cost for health insurance, and if you don't you get fined $2,000.

That's the most "government" thing I've ever heard of.  And you can bet the Professional Loser Party (the GOP) isn't going to say a thing. Why?  Because they've exempted themselves.  It sure as hell doesn't hurt them, so why should they care?

Why are we tolerating this?  Seriously, why?

Hussein Obama and all of Congress need to be arrested, marched out of office, and put onto the border building the brick wall with their bare hands for the rest of their lives.

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