Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sequester Flops, Media Blames Bush

The LameStream Media is in full propaganda mode.

There's an article in The Week about how "the GOP must come to terms with Bush's presidency". It is, of course, a hit piece on Bush.

It's obvious what this phony "story" is all about: It's an attempt to distract people from the fact that all the "disasters" that Obama claimed would happen because of the sequester, didn't happen.

  • 170 Million people didn't get laid off.
  • Security lines aren't longer at the airport.
  • Millions of children didn't lose their health care.
  • Thousands of cops and firefighters weren't laid off.
  • Janitors at Obama's most recent speech didn't get a pay cut.

The only thing that happened was that the feds didn't get as big a pay raise as they wanted.  So now they're trying to cover their tracks by bringing up a president who's been out of office for more than four years.

What's really happening is that The People are catching on that it's OBAMA who's a disaster.  His total incompetence is on full display and The People can see it.  Unemployment is still at record highs, gas prices are at record highs, and a record number of people are still in poverty and on food stamps.

And to top it off, every 1-2 months there is yet another fiscal crisis.  In January it was the "fiscal cliff".  In February everyone's taxes went up and paychecks got smaller.  In March it was the sequester.  April it's going to be the debt limit again.  And every time it's argue, argue, argue, and then raise taxes.

This fiscal irresponsibility is Obama's fault. This didn't happen during the Bush administration.  It's because Obama has no idea how to govern and the Democrats haven't passed a budget in four years.  So stop with the distractions, LameStream Media. All your distraction techniques don't change the fact that our country is going down the tubes and it's Obama's fault.

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