Friday, February 15, 2013

Liberal Mental Ilness on Display

The staggering depth of mental illness of liberals sank in to me today.  Not that I hadn't realized it earlier, but this really did it for me. Here's how liberals think:

1. Their hero, Hussein Obama, ignores Americans being slaughtered by terrorists in Benghazi and goes to bed.  Upon rising he realizes that he made a huge blunder, so he creates a lie about the attack being caused by a YouTube video and then arrests and imprisons an innocent man for the lie.  That innocent man is still in prison for a phony crime: something that never happened.  To libs, this is NOT a scandal.

2. A GOP spokesperson takes a sip of water during a television appearance.  To libs, this is a HUGE scandal.

I swear, when the Second American Revolution happens, I'll have no problem rounding up liberals and selling them as slaves to North Korea.  People who are that stupid have no place in civilized society.

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