Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The GOP's Backup Loser!

In the event that the GOP's Chosen Loser, Jeb Bush, can't handle the strain of campaigning to lose, then the GOP has a Backup Loser: Chris Christie!

Chris Christie has proposed "reforming" Social Security by cutting off the benefits from people who have paid into it and slowly raising the age of eligibility.

Sure, Christie!  Great idea!  Let's "fix" Social Security by taking benefits away from people who've paid into it all their lives!.  

Let's not, for example, THROW ALL THE ILLEGALS OFF OF IT.  After all, just because they broke into the country, stole jobs from Americans, worked for cash under the table (thereby avoiding income taxes) and then returned to Mexico doesn't mean we shouldn't send them Social Security payments. Because there's what....only 20 million illegals?  That's not many, right?

And then there's all those anchor babies. A pregnant Mexican mama crawls across the border just in time to deliver her kid in the closest American hospital and poof! The kid's an American citizen and he/she gets a check from Social Security because Mama doesn't have a job! Then Mama keeps spitting out the kids because with each new bambino, she gets a bigger paycheck!  Yeah...let's keep that going at full speed!

And hey, while we're at it, let's just keep depositing all SS revenues from paychecks into the General Fund so that the politicians can spend it. Let's not lock it up in a safe account. Oh no, that would be too effective. Let's keep it in the GF so it can be spent without recourse. Yeah!  Great idea!

What an idiot. Only someone who wants to lose an election says something like that.  So if Jeb "I'm not my brother" Bush won't put up a struggle to lose the election, then the Professional Loser Party's next big hope is Chris Christie. Before he's even thrown his hat into the ring, he's set himself up to lose.


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