Sunday, April 5, 2015

Obamacare-Buyers Getting Screwed at Tax Time

There was a recent article by the AP titled: "Tax refunds for many take hit from health law". It's about how many taxpayers are getting screwed by Obamacare penalties and charges that they weren't expecting.

One sucker...I mean...Obamacare buyer said: ""I was expecting to get dinged a little bit, but I was actually kind of surprised when it came down that much".

Many years ago, when Obama was forcing Obamacare through Congress without even consulting the Republicans, the conservatives said that this would happen. Workers' hours would be cut, premiums would skyrocket, taxes would increase, and the IRS would slam everyone who bought Obamacare.

And we were right.  Why? It's in the numbers, not in the emotions.  But were we listened to?  Oh, no.  "Racists!" the liberals screamed.  "You don't like Obamacare because Obama's black!"  they wailed.

Now it's come back to bite them.  They're paying the piper, and will continue to pay because they just can't let go of their god-like image of Obama. They're being F-ed up the backside and their little childish minds won't let them admit they were wrong.

So enjoy getting screwed, liberals. You voted for Obama, you danced in the streets when Obamacare was passed, and now you're getting your comeuppance for not listening to the adults when you had the chance.

And the only thing I leave you libs with now is: Obama lied to you about Obamacare, and it's obvious now.  Just last week he said that he had swung some big deal with Iran and that there was no threat of them getting a nuclear weapon. Considering that he lied openly to you about Obamacare, are you going to believe his current comments about an 'agreement' with a known terrorist country that openly hangs gays, stones women to death, and swears that they'll destroy a sovereign nation?

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