Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keep up the Anti-Obama Campaign

NOTE: This is a SHAMELESS PROMOTION!   If you'd rather not read it, feel free to go to the next story.

I've added a few more products to my anti-Obama collection. These will help get the message out that Obama and his flunkies need to go, and go now.

I've added a collection of posters including Obama/Occupy "I'm on their side" so you can spread them around your neighborhood and show the world who's really causing the problems in America.  A can of spray adhesive (available at any art store, Wal Mart, or general store like Target) will hold them in place nicely.

I've also created a collection of postcards.  These cards have the Occupy/Obama quotes, as well as my favorite, the Obama "Mission Accomplished" high gas prices picture.  Send them to all your friends as well as the liberal media outlets.  Since they're postcards, everyone who touches it will read it - including the postal workers. It's a great way to spread around that message that Obama is the problem.

Finally, I've added the "Mission Accomplished" picture on bigger labels.  It was just too small on the stickers, so I put it onto some shipping labels.  You can still get the others, but please order the big ones (3").  Otherwise they're too tiny.

For those of you who've purchased products, thanks!  I really appreciate it!  Keep up the good fight!

OK, the shameless promotion is over.  Let's get back to what's more important...exposing this corrupt administration so that they'll all be thrown out in November.

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