Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Rise of the New Nazis, Part Two

When a country is overwhelmed by serious problems that heavily impact the population and the country’s
government does nothing to solve the problem, that country is at risk of having an opposition leader lead the citizens in active revolution.

Summer 2015 marked the beginning of the Muslim Invasion of Europe. As the invasion progressed I realized something: we could possibly see the emergence of a revolutionary leader because the situation is becoming increasingly unstable.

The example-from-the-past that comes to mind is the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany. After World War I, Germany was in ruins; the country had been destroyed, inflation was rampant, people were suffering, and the government was doing nothing to rectify the situation. In the middle of this Adolph Hitler rose to power and promised a sparkling new Germany.  He blamed the Jews for all the problems and sang the praises of socialism. The rest is history.

Today we’re seeing an invasion of Europe of unprecedented proportion. People’s homes and lives are being destroyed by hordes of Muslim invaders, and the government is eagerly welcoming them. Entire towns in Germany are being taken over by crowds of Muslims. Great Britain is being overwhelmed as the invaders storm the country through the tunnel linking Britain to France and/or hitching rides on trucks into the country.

But what is the government doing?  Calling them “refugees” and welcoming them in by the millions.  German Chancellor Merkel is ignoring calls for help from her citizens, and the British Parliament is doing nothing to stem the tide.

As a result, the people are rising up in anger. And what about Hitler? Posters saying “Hitler was Right” are starting to appear in Great Britain. The posters are currently restricted to the local university, but it’ll spread. In Germany, thousands of people are banding together and demanding that Merkel step down. In Austria guns are selling out as people prepare to defend themselves.

All it’ll take now is for a charismatic leader to emerge and there will be a sea change in Europe. Will that person be another Hitler and will the gas chambers be re-opened, but this time for Muslims? Let’s hope that that will never happen. But at the rate the European government is assisting in the Islamic overthrow of the European Union, one more serious act of violence by the invaders may set off the powder keg and bring a change to Europe that can never be reversed.

(Here’s part one of The Rise of the New Nazis)


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