Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Proof: The GOP is Fighting to Lose the Election

Hillary's first national ad attacks the GOP over the Benghazi hearings:

Let's review the situation: Hillary let four Americans be butchered in Benghazi.  She knew it was a terrorist attack, she didn't provide a military response, and she ignored their calls for help for *seven hours*.  During the hearings it's come out that (1) Hillary may have been running guns through Benghazi into Syria, (2) she had her own personal email server and was allegedly transmitting classified information through it, and (3) evidence suggests that she sold American uranium to Russia and arranged big payoffs to the Clinton Foundation by selling her influence to get millions in foreign aid to backwards spit-hole countries. If this is true, then she's in deep trouble.

And yet, she's turned all of that around and made the GOP the enemy.  She's taken something that Kevin McCarthy has said and used it to impugn the entire Republican party.  And now the GOP is doing what it does best: staying silent and looking guilty.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.  Only professional losers - people who WANT to lose - would let this happen. They should at least have a response to Hillary. But they don't. The GOP obviously wants to lose the election.

This is why Trump and Carson are rising to the top and Bush, Kasich, and the other career politicians are sinking to the bottom.  The Conservatives don't want any more professional losers to be hurrying the country into socialism.

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