Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arnie's Other Scumbag

The media is focusing very heavily on Arnold Schwarzenegger and how he betrayed his family, etc., etc. by cheating on his wife with another woman.

Enough about Arnie. What about the other woman?  How big a scumbag is she?

Her Arnie-kid is now 13 years old. She was married at the time she had sex with Arnold.  That lady spent many years telling her husband that the kid was his, when in reality it was Arnie's.   So she cheats on her husband, has a kid by the guy she's cheating with, and then spends her life lying to her husband.

It's bad enough to cheat on your husband. But to get pregnant and then lie openly to your husband and tell him the kid is his?  That's really bad.  That's betrayal.

Studies have shown that women are more likely to cheat than men. And they're better at lying about it. This is why the rate of American men marrying foreign women is increasing.  Men don't want to be worrying that their wife is off sleeping with someone else and then lying about it.   American women have all kinds of excuses claiming that American men are "weak" or "can't stand up to American women", but that's all a bunch of justifications to make themselves feel good.  The truth is, American men don't trust American women.

I have a guy friend who's a perfect example of this. He was originally married to an American. She stayed with him until their kid was in high school, then suddenly she divorced him without warning, taking him for several years of child support payments. He later married a girl from the Philippines and has been very happy ever since because his new wife loves him very much and never thinks of dallying with someone else. 

Men want to marry a partner, not an adversary.  But most American women go into the relationship with an adversarial attitude: everything's his fault, he's not making me happy, and if his pisses me off enough, I'll divorce him and take everything.  That's not a's a fight waiting to happen.

Wise up, women.  If you want your man to stay with you and be faithful, then YOU stay with him and be faithful.  If you want him to be a partner, YOU be a partner.  Yes, it's tough and yes it's no fun at times, but all good things are difficult at times.

Hang in there and make it work. If not, you may wind up with the media at your door and an ex-husband suing you for everything you have.  In my mind, nothing is worth that.

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