Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giving Speeches is Easier than Real Work....

Barack Hussein gave yet another speech today; this one about the Middle East.

Desperately struggling to look relevant, Obama tried to tell the American people that what happens in the Middle East affects Americans.

Really?  How so?

Unemployment is in double digits, and has been there his entire presidency.  We also have record home foreclosures, record people on food stamps, and a record number of people in poverty.  Obama is now saying that all those problems are caused by the Middle East? I thought Bush caused them. Now, suddenly, it's the Middle East?

Obama's full of crap, as usual.  We have serious problems in the US, and they're caused by him and his administration.  How do I know? Well...we have all these problems, but instead of Obama working on them, he's out giving speeches.  At some point in time the speeches have to stop and he has to do some real work. But he's not.

We have enough problems here, Obama.  You want a legacy?  Work on America's problems. But he won't.  Giving speeches is a lot easier than doing any actual work.

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