Friday, May 20, 2011

GOP misses golden opportunity...again

Americans overwhelmingly voted *for* the GOP back in November. The idea was to stop the Democrats and put this country back on track again. So far, that hasn't happened. They've rolled over and played dead every time they've had a chance to go after the Democrats.  And now they wonder why the voters aren't going for their "let's reach across the aisle and work with the democrats" rhetoric.

Here are two more opportunities that the GOP could use to slam Obama.

  • The Democrats still haven't produced a budget.
  • Obama will be violating the war act of 1973 in which he is required to get congressional authorization for acts of war.

Where are the press conferences from the GOP? Where are the GOP senators demanding an explanation from Obama for these transgressions of the law?  Obama is ignoring the law and the democrats are ignoring the Constitution, and yet the GOP is silent. Why?

Because the Republicans are in on it. 

They're in on the big scam being perpetrated on the American People. They don't want to have law and order, they want higher taxes so they can pay off THEIR cronies and get re-elected.  So they're not going to slam the Democrats because the Dems are the best tax-raising, money-raising team that ever invaded Washington.

Mark my words, folks. This is the truth.  Once you see current events through that prism, it'll all become clear.

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