Friday, May 20, 2011

Golden Opportunity #3 Blown by the GOP

The GOP has one more item with which they could slam Obama that they've very carefully ignored: granting of waivers for Obamacare.

AARP has just been granted an Obamacare waiver.  Not the members, just the employees.

Why? If Obamacare is soooo good, why do they want a waiver? After all, they supported Obamacare. Why do they suddenly want a waiver? 

Not only is AARP getting waivers, but so are all the unions and many companies in Nazi Pelosi's district.  And what's the total waiver-count now?  2,000?  2,500?  Gee...doesn't that seem a little suspicious?

Apparently, it's not suspicious to the GOP!  They're just sitting back, enjoying their 3-day workweek, collecting their perks and paychecks, and going home.  This is yet another opportunity to slam Obama and they're not doing it.  Why?

Because they're in on it.  The GOP's job is to keep the democrats in power so they can collect more taxes. 

And I'm sorry to the conservatives if I sound like a liberal. I'm not.  I'm just sick and tired of the GOP sitting on their collective behinds and doing nothing when it would be sooooo easy to take down Obama. Everyday Obama or the dems do something so stupid, outrageous, or illegal that the GOP could walk all over them, but they don't.

We don't need a third party this election cycle. We need a replacement second party.  The democrats need to be dragged out of office, put in leg irons, and put onto the southern border building a brick wall with their bare hands.  The GOP needs to be hauled out of office right after the democrats, put into leg irons, and also be put onto the southern border where they can hand-mix the cement for the brick wall on the border.

No matter what happens, we need an uprising of The People to route out all these criminals in office and put in some real leaders who will do the country some real good.

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