Friday, May 20, 2011

Republican Tom Coburn is on the right track

Republican Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has petitioned the Social Security Administration, urging them to launch an investigation into the benefits provided to “the adult baby.

Good going, Tom Coburn!  I agree....go after any lazy types who are sucking off the system. If this guy is able-bodied, then cut off his benefits!

Adult Baby
When you're finished with this guy, might I suggest another investigation: Investigate the other adult baby: Barack Obama.

Obama is a petulant child with no experience who's been sucking off the taxpayer teat for 2.5 years now.  He's ruined the economy, driven unemployment into double-digits, and caused a record number of people to get food stamps. And yet, his only response is to blame a previous president who's been out of office for almost three years.  Only a five-year-old does that.

So Tom Coburn, you're on the right track.  Now point the investigations toward the other "adult baby": Barack Hussein Obama.

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