Friday, May 20, 2011

The GOP Pen-Pal Club

As of today, Obama has violated the War Act of 1973 in which the president is required to get Congressional approval of all acts of war; in this case, Obama's invasion of Libya.  Obama hasn't gotten Congressional approval, therefore, he's broken the law.  In a very "gutsy" move, six Republican senators have sent a letter to Obama asking if he plans on taking note of this law.

Oh yeah...that'll do it.  Write a letter.  Wow!  I'm overcome with the bravery shown by the GOP!

What's with this "write a letter" crap?  This isn't a pen-pal club.  This is the law!

How about if they pull a Nancy Pelosi and go in front of the TV cameras and DEMAND that Obama live up the the laws that he swore to uphold and protect?  President Bush couldn't roll over in bed without Pelosi going on TV and demanding an investigation. Why is the GOP not doing anything like that?

The War Act of 1973 is the LAW.  By not getting Congressional approval, Obama has broken the law.  Well, actually, he has one course of action that he MUST take: he MUST pull all troops out of Libya within 30 days.  Do you think he'll do it?  And if not, do you think the letter-writing GOP will do anything?

I doubt it.  The GOP is in on the scam.  They're not going to do anything that may harm their chief fund-raiser.

30 days and counting.  If Obama doesn't pull the troops and the GOP does nothing, we should march on Washington with the intent of removing ALL of them.

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