Monday, May 23, 2011

Obama fiddles (in Ireland)

Obama went to Ireland to "visit his roots" today.  Why did he go now?

No doubt to get some adoration from the press and the Irish (one of the few countries that still likes him).  Israel just handed Obama his rear-end, the Arabs don't like him, China doesn't like him, England doesn't like him, and Americans really don't like him.  So he's off to Ireland.

How much is this costing Americans?  Air Force One is very expensive to fly to anywhere. And considering that the feds always fly TWO Air Force One planes as well as an escort (including a C5 Transport to carry that behemoth car), this costs a bundle.

So Americans are out of work, there's a record number of people on food stamps, and home foreclosures are at a record high, so Obama leaves the country and spends millions to go to Ireland for nothing more than a photo-op.

Someone from the GOP should be holding a press conference right now and loudly stating: "Unemployment is at 10%. People are starving!  Mr. President, what the hell are you doing taking vacations??  Get back here and help Americans!"

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