Sunday, June 9, 2013

Guns Would Have Stopped the Santa Monica Gunman

A couple of days ago, some loonie-tunes dirtbag shot and killed five people on the Santa Monica College campus.

Gun Free ZoneHere's a question that needs an answer: Why did this whack job, after killing his mother and burning down his house, go to Santa Monica College to go on a shooting rampage?

Consider that question very carefully.  WHY would this guy hijack a car and demand, specifically, to be driven to a college?  It doesn't make sense.  Unless you consider one major factor...

Colleges in California are "gun-free zones".  That's right!  No firearms on campus at all.  Security guards can't carry firearms, school employees can't carry firearms, NOBODY can carry a firearm on a school campus.

Which's a shooting gallery for a whacked-out gunman who wants to do some serious killing.  He knows he has plenty of unarmed targets, and at least 20 minutes of killing time before the cops show up.

That's the problem with "gun free zones". They serve no purpose other than to make the politicians feel good.  If a security guard had been carrying a firearm, this shooting could have been limited in its victims.  But there was nobody there who could fight back, so they cowered like rabbits while this wacko shot the place up.

Now, I know that's too difficult a concept for you liberals to accept, so I'm talking to the moderates and independents: gun free zones don't work.  All they lead to is massive amounts of death.  It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.  Armed and trained security personnel can make a huge difference in situations like this.

So the next time some do-gooder liberal politician (who's surrounded by armed guards, and works in a building that's surrounded by armed guards, and goes home to a mansion that has 24-hour-a-day armed guards) tells you that you need to disarm to make society "safer", tell that liberal to stuff it up their backside.  You'll disarm when THEY disarm and not a moment sooner.

And if the lib politician doesn't, then they can go fark themselves.  They're not God and they can't tell you what to do.  Throw their hypocritical backsides out of office at the next election.  Because you'd be crazy to leave yourself open to being killed in a world full of wackos.

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