Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hillary is Disqualified

The media is running story after story about Brian Williams' lying about his involvement in the Iraq war, and some are equating it to Hillary's lie she told about being under sniper fire while landing in Bosnia.

Brian Williams is one thing. But with Hillary it's completely different:

That whopper she told about Bosnia was done with a completely straight face. That lie just rolled off her tongue like she was reciting her own name.  And that's what's bad about it.

Hillary willingly deceives Americans:
Hillary's running for president. But her willingness to openly deceive her followers with a totally fabricated story disqualifies her immediately as a presidential candidate.

I know you liberals don't understand this, and I'm sure you're searching Google right now so you can reply with "Nuh-uh!  Bush lied!  That makes her lie OK!"  Therefore, this post is for the moderates who may be on-the-fence about Hillary vs whatever loser the GOP nominates.

Hillary wants to be president: the person who represents America, puts America first, and does things that help America and the American People.  If Hillary, someone who lies that easily to Americans, is president, how can we trust her for ANYTHING?  That lie she told was for her own self-interest. Which means, as president, she'll lie to Americans every day, about everything, for her own self-interest.  Whatever she promises will be a lie.

Hillary's promises that she'll back out of:
Reformed health care?  Ha!  Not a chance.  More jobs?  HAHA!  Not going to happen.  "Comprehensive immigration reform?"  Forget it, illegals, Hillary's lying to you.  "Fight terrorism"? HAHAHA!  Better buy yourself a gun.  You'll need it.

Selling America out to terrorists:
Worse, what about when she meets with rogue nations?  If she meets with the Muslim Brotherhood and then claims to the American People that she worked out some kind of deal and the terrorists won't bother us ever again, how do we know?  She could have sold us out. They could have paid her billions to look the other way so they can surreptitiously get into high positions in American government, and she would take the money and then lie openly to the American people.

Do you think she wouldn't do that?  Look at Benghazi. She knew it was a terrorist attack, but she openly lied, with a straight face, to the family members when she told them that the attack was caused by a video.  Remember: if she's paid enough money or figures it'll give her political points, she'll unflinchingly lie to anyone.

So before you rush out and vote for Hillary, remember this: She will openly lie in her own self-interest and to hell with you.  When you vote for her, you're voting against yourself.  Because everything she promises just isn't going to happen.  She's already proven that.

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