Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Getting Harder to Hide the Stupidity

Today in Westminster Abbey, Barack Hussein Obama showed just how stupid he really is.  He signed the Westminster guest book with the date "2008".

Obama has lost it completely.  That was three years ago.  He doesn't remember that this is 2011.

Stupidity runs rampant in the Democrat party.  The only people worse than Obama are the democrats who support him.  Only liberals can think that Sarah Palin is stupid because she wrote three words on her hand to give a 30-minute speech, but Barack Hussein is a genius despite the fact that he forgets the year....something a 7-year-old can easily remember.

But then...Obama always DID have a problem with numbers.  He said:
  • Unemployment wouldn't rise above 8%, now it's 10%.
  • He would cut the deficit in half, and now it's more than twice the size it was.
  • There are 57 states, when there are actually only 50

This guy is dangerously stupid.  So where are the Republicans to point this out?  Oh yeah....they're busily writing letters to make it look like they're doing something.

Throw them ALL out!

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