Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OWS: The picture of hypocrisy and stupidity.

The Occupy Wall Street idiots are the perfect picture of hypocrisy.  Consider this (from an ABC News article):

>"Occupy Wall Street had raised about $500,000"<
Which they promptly put into one of the eeeeeeevil greedy banks THAT THEY'RE PROTESTING AGAINST.

>A number of celebrities have made appearances, including:
>Michael Moore<
>actress Susan Sarandon,<
>Russell Simmons<
All three of them are fabulously wealthy.  They're members of the eeeeeeevil rich.  So why are the OWS people cheering them?

>That (finance) group also solicits money from donors on the street.<
So the OWS group begs money from the eeeeeeevil rich (or at least, the eeeeevil working class) people who have jobs on the eeeeeevil Wall Street. 

So the OWS people are protesting the eeeeevil banks on Wall Street all the while putting their $500,000 in an eeeeeeevil bank, begging for money from the eeeeeevil employees of the eeeeeeevil Wall Street, and cheering whenever an eeeeeevil wealthy Democrat comes and talks (but doesn't donate money) to them.

They're idiots, every one of them.  All of these OWS children need to be spanked soundly and sent home to their mommies.


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