Monday, January 30, 2012

How Obama's Utopia is Killing America

Obama is the personification of liberal stupidity.  His vision of "utopia" is killing America and it needs to be stopped NOW.

The most obvious is his so-called energy "policy".  In his last three State of the Union speeches, Obama talked about how important it is that we achieve "energy independence" from foreign oil imports.  However, he's adhering to a couple of liberal myths:
  1. Oil and all oil-based products are evil incarnate and must be stopped.
  2. "Green" energy will save the planet.
Therefore, Obama can't drill for more oil.  He has to make "green" energy work.

Consider this:
  1. Obama shut down all oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  Thousands of oil workers in Louisiana, Florida, and the other panhandle states lost their jobs.  This includes a lot of secondary jobs of businesses who supported the oil industry.  Drilling has not been started up since then...the moratorium still stands.
  2. Obama just killed the Keystone pipeline from Canada.  Millions of gallons of oil could have come from our nearest neighbor, thereby cutting our need for Middle East oil.  This action also killed a minimum of 20,000 new oil-related jobs.  Secondary jobs (that support the oil companies; transportation, parts, restaurants, hotels, etc.) were also killed, for an estimated total of 100,000 jobs.
As for Obama's vision of alternative energy, three "green" companies that received millions in stimulus money have gone bankrupt.
  1. Evergreen Energy filed for bankruptcy.
  2. Ener1, a battery-manufacturer, went under.
  3. Amonix, a solar-panel company, laid off two-thirds of its work force.
Despite the failures of these companies, Obama continues to throw millions of taxpayer dollars at them, effectively lining the pockets of the CEO's who contributed to his campaign.

This is why we should NEVER elect a guy whose only experience is in politics.  He's killing the country by paying off his political pals.  The sooner we throw this boob out of office, the better.


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