Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mitt Romney Throws the Election - Already

Ladies and Gentlemen, we *have* a loser!

Mitt "Dukakis" Romney has had a comment taken out of context. Specifically, the comment about how he's "not very concerned about the very poor because we have an ample safety net".  Naturally, the LSM (LameStream Media) is attacking him on this, so Mitt does what every member of the Professional Loser Party ( the GOP) does in order to lose the election; he rolls over and claims he "misspoke".

If Mitt wanted to win the election he would fight like a liberal.  Instead of backpedaling and giving the LSM more ammunition, he should have immediately attacked the LSM for taking his comments out of context.  Follow this up with accusing every non-white media person of racism, and then accusing all of the LSM of covering up for Hussein Obama by focusing on one slip of the tongue rather than the fact that unemployment has skyrocketed under Obama, home foreclosures are at a record high, and food stamp usage is at a record high.

Newt Gingrich rose in the polls because he spanked John King on national TV. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer rose to national fame when she took the fight to Obama on the tarmac of  Phoenix International Airport.  Conservatives want a fighter, not a professional loser.  If Mitt wants to win the election, he needs to show some gonads and tell the media to focus on what's really important - the economy, jobs, and the health of America.  Obama isn't doing it, so it's time for a real leader to do so. But all he's done so far is show the LSM and the libs that he's just a big pvssy who'll roll over and give up at the first sign of trouble.

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