Thursday, March 15, 2012

Use the Libs' Words Against Them, Part One

Libs are very skilled at deflecting arguments and avoiding responsibility when they’re caught saying or doing things that they’re criticizing a conservative for.  Try to pin them down when they attack a conservative, and they weasel their way out of it.  I used to get mad when they did this, but here’s something easier: use their words against them! 

Why not?  We can copy what they say and then use their exact words whenever we’re arguing with a liberal.  After all, it must be true because a liberal said it.

Here’s our first lesson: In a brief interview with ABC's Jake Tapper, Bill Maher explains why calling Sarah Palin a "cunt" or a "twat," as he has, is in no way equivalent to calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" or a "prostitute," as Rush Limbaugh did.  Maher, of course, weaseled out of it.

Here are the techniques he used:

1. Irrelevant credentials:
Maher: “I’m a comedian – not just a guy who says he is, like Rush”
How to use it:
“I’m a businessperson, you’re not”.
“I’m a lawyer, you’re not”.
“I’m a middle-class homeowner, you’re not”.

2. Shifting blame to someone else:
Maher: “I let the audience be the guide.”
How to use it:
“I let society be the guide”
“I let the working people be the guide”.
“I let honest Americans be the guide”.
“I let dignified women be the guide”.

You can follow-up the above technique with this:
3. Non-provable data:
Maher: “The bit I did about Palin using the word c—, one of the biggest laughs in my act, I did it all over the country, not one person ever registered disapproval”
How to use it:
“I’ve spoken with business leaders/attorneys/homeowner all over the country.  Nobody registered disapproval”.

4. Sweeping generalized attack:
Maher: "[Limbaugh] went after a civilian about very specific behavior, that was a lie, speaking for a party that has systematically gone after women’s rights all year"
How to use it:
“Obama lied about higher gas prices again, which is typical of Democrats who always drive up prices and then lie about it”.
“Nancy Pelosi said that unemployment creates jobs, showing yet again just how stupid all Democrats are”.

Words that are now deemed acceptable by liberals:
“C*nt” (Bill Maher)
“Tw*t” (Bill Maher)
“Whore” (Courtesy; Jerry Brown, CA Governor)

And if the lib starts screaming about what you said, quote the source (“Bill Maher said that”) and then say “…that makes it OK!”.

Then stand back so you don’t get covered by cobwebs and dead moths when the lib’s head explodes.

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