Thursday, July 18, 2013

Members of the House Need Re-Training

There's an article today on Breibart: the House "leaders" are going to "educate" Americans about how good "immigration" is.

From the article:
"House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) will lead a tour of House leaders next week aimed at educating Americans, and each other, about the history and importance of immigration to the United States. The tour, dubbed the "Become America" tour, will feature events and speeches aimed at overcoming opposition to the passage of comprehensive immigration reform, which has stumbled amidst opposition from conservatives."

Eric Cantor and the rest of the Professional Loser Party in the House have forgotten what their jobs are. Their job isn't to "educate" us. Their job is to represent us: we tell them what to do, and they go do it.  75% of Americans don't want amnesty given to the illegals.  And yet, the PLP members in the House are pushing hard to give it to them.

So they've obviously forgotten what their job is.

The Amnesty Bill probably won't be passed before they leave for August recess. I'd say that, when they return to their home states, we "educate" them to remind them that their job is what we tell them to do, rather than what La Raza pays them to do.

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