Thursday, August 25, 2011

Republicans Stop Democrat Money-Laundering

An article in the Washington Examiner tells an important story of cost-cutting that breaks up a corrupt money-laundering scam that the Democrats had with the teacher's union; Union Curbs Rescue a Wisconsin School District

From the article:  "The Kaukauna School District, in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin near Appleton, has about 4,200 students and about 400 employees. It has struggled in recent times and this year faced a deficit of $400,000. But after (Governor Scott Walker's) law went into effect, at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, school officials put in place new policies they estimate will turn that $400,000 deficit into a $1.5 million surplus. And it's all because of the very provisions that union leaders predicted would be disastrous."

Why were there such high costs? The health insurance company that provided all the so-called "benefits" to the teachers was an insurance company owned and operated by the teacher's union.  Since they were guaranteed to get the insurance business from the teachers and the State had to pay for it (not the teachers), they were increasing the premiums every year until they became the most expensive insurance company in the state.

Then the "insurance company" would donate millions of dollars to their favorite Democrat politicians who, when they got elected, guaranteed to keep funding the unions' outrageous costs.  In other words, the insurance company was a "pass through" for Wisconsin taxpayer money directly to the Democrat politicians.  This is also known as "money laundering".

So yet another Democrat scam has been broken up, and the taxpayers and schools benefit from it.  Do you need any more proof that the Democrats are criminals?
When common-sense measures are enacted, costs are cut, criminal activity is broken up, and schools benefit. But the only people who do that are the Republicans.  Since the LameStream Media isn't going to cover it, it's our job to get the word out. So send the article at the link to all your friends. Maybe we can get some more common sense in some of our other states.

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