Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Obama-Protecting Media, Part Two

Wow! The LameStream Media is in serious Obama-protection mode!

Obama skips intelligence meetings, Hillary ignores warnings about the Middle East , terrorism erupts, six Americans are killed, embassies are burned in multiple countries, multiple universities in the USA receive bomb threats from Al-Qaeda, and the LSM swings into action with a story about *domestic* terrorism; including bringing up the Oklahoma bombing - something that happened seventeen years ago! 

Anything to distract attention away from the Muslims, right, LameStream Media?  Anything to show pictures of eeeeevil white people, right?

It's pathetic.  But Yahoo has to realize something: all they're doing is hiding an escalating problem: attacks on American innocents by radical Islamists.  When another major terror attack on US soil kills hundreds of innocent Americans, the blood will be on their hands.  And I'll be the first to point it out.

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